About Shariq - Shariq Moosa
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The stories of success have been narrated by ordinary people who have had extraordinary ideas and put remarkable efforts to overcome failure and accomplish their goals. Shariq Moosa is just such an individual. A Pakistani-born kid with a great passion for entrepreneurship, Shariq has built his career by helping companies achieve their goals through effective digital marketing, growth hacking, and sales generation.

An avid fan of computers throughout his childhood, Shariq first ventured into entrepreneurship at the age of 8 when he opened a computer repair shop business on the outskirts of a small town in Pakistan. He then went ahead to expand his computer business to accommodate software installations and troubleshooting issues computers. Together with his uncle, they were able to grow the business under the difficult economy in a volatile country through hard work, determination, and versatility.

As a visionary leader and a go-getter, Shariq later took advantage of the internet bubble of the late 90s to launch a digital service business that provides web development and web design services for companies. Inspired by the remarkable success of this venture, Shariq then launched Moosa Consulting- a full-service digital marketing consultancy company proving excellent B2B services for businesses to improve online ROI and grow their revenue.

Shariq live a lifestyle focused on investing in his resources to help companies achieve the best ROI in digital marketing strategies build successful brands and grow revenue. He is a determined entrepreneur, a proven growth hacker, and an experienced digital sales and marketing expert.


Shariq Moosa is one of those people who have contempt for outdated pedagogical and psychological torture that underpins our education systems. He sees schooling as a process that you endure stoically, get over with as soon as possible so that you can step out in the fresh air and have a deep breath.

During his formative years, Shariq always wondered how he could think independently and innovatively to come up with the best world-changing ideas. His parents sent him to the UK to study but while there, he ended up breaking all the glasses of opportunities that came his way. Shariq knew that the whole educations system does not cater for the needs of every student and so he wanted to do what he loves.


Shariq got introduced to Intel 286 computer by his uncle who owned a computer shop. Shariq realized that he wanted to do more than just play games with a computer. He was yearning to learn and make something meaningful with it. Whenever his uncle worked in the shop, Shariq could stay close to him and learn how he operates the computer, do software installations and perform troubleshooting tasks. With much passion and hard work, soon Shariq was doing all these tasks all by himself and with a considerable ease.

As an ambitious young man, Shariq’s strong crave for computer technology inspired him to explore computers even deeper. He began to learn MS-DOS for Pentium 1. The introduction of Windows 95 made learning and practicing MS-DOS even more interesting and deeply rewarding for him.

His uncle was impressed with his development that he soon asked for Shariq’s help to install Windows 95 and 98 for clients and solve minor computer technical issue. As a self-learning trainee, Shariq was never afraid to take up challenges. In one incident, a client brought a computer which had issues with the speaker system.  A determined Shariq decided to look it up even though he had limited knowledge of computer hardware. Fortunately, he was able to fix the problem and repair the computer. The client was ecstatic and offered to give him a gift but Shariq politely declined. However, that was the turning point to his entrepreneurial journey. It soon dawned on him that he could make computer repairs and software installations for clients for profit. This would later become a real business opportunity for the young versatile Shariq to grab.

Shariq then ventured into CD-ROM repairs with his uncle. Because of his hard work and determination, the business expanded and became highly lucrative. That’s how Shariq decided to become the determined entrepreneur that he is today.


The internet bubble of the late 90s introduced Shariq to the promising power of the internet. He began learning and practicing web development and in a few months, he was already freelancing his skills for web development services. His website design business was so successful that he realized he needed to hire people to help him deliver the constant stream of orders. With a team of highly dedicated web developers and designers, Shariq launched the web consulting and internet marketing firm, Moosa Consulting 


FilSaver is the fastest-growing eCommerce platform with a wide collection of latest high-end clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids. Together with his team, Shariq runs FilSaver.com as the sole proprietor. The main objective of FilSaver online shopping site is to offer customers high quality fashion wear, electronics, and accessories at unbeatable prices.